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My kit  


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March 27, 2019 10:00 am  

My modest kit, nothing special but it works

The new All band All mode Yaesu FT-991 with an MFJ VT II antenna tuner conected to either a Di-Pol (G5RV) or a long wire for HF and  a Sigma X30 for the V/UHF mounted 20 ft on a pole, along side is my trusty old Kenwood TS-680S with a Daiwa Auto Antenna Tuner, top of that is my beat up old Yaesu FT8100, its had a hard life, the right squelch and volume knobs don't work and it has the odd hissy fit and stops working from time to time, but it does what i want it to. it all runs form a K-Po 30 amp PSU.

LW 20 Long Wire


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