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November 18, 2019 5:11 pm  

Well, what more can be said, 18/11/2019 @16:30........its a crock of shit 👎 , once again unless you have a 1000ft mast with a mahoosive antenna on the top and running 10000000wats of power, you aint gettin shit!, on my somewhat modest and typical setup, 80,40,20,and 17mtr... ALL dead, other than some very weak mumbles that you have to punch the AF Gain right up to hear. "well the conditions arnt very good at the moment" i hear you cry, "Arnt very good!" iv heard more chatter from the fish in a bloody aquarium! its that bad at the moment even a monastery has more talk than 2mtr and 70Cm!

its times like this i wonder why i bother......... that being said i still turn on my FT-991, and still plant my finger in the little divvet on the channel wheel, and still spin it round like a demented hamster in a wheel in the desperate hope i might just hear a voice at the other end and that i have absolutely no intention ofย  keying up too in reply (even if my kit could reach).

Im still trying to work out why i have over a grand (and that's cheap) sitting on my table and in the garden. this, Hobby, is a strange one to say the least, im even contemplating taking my intermediate! why, i have no fookin idea, i must be mad 😮ย 

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